Our Story


It all started with a question


Mornings, we sit on the back deck of our house, look out across the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, anticipate the day and watch the sun peek over the mountain. One morning, with Christmas approaching, my wife Annie talked about Christmas dinner plans.  She asked me what I would like for dessert.   My answer started us on the road to Mountain Mill Pudding LLC.

I said "it has been years since I have had a Christmas pudding." In fact, it had been when I was a child in Canada. At that time,Christmas Pudding, also called plum pudding, was a family tradition.  However,

"I didn't realize that having such a delightful, warm, moist, sweet ending to our special Christmas meal would be a challenge"

I searched all of the local grocery stores, with no luck. We then considered making our own plum pudding for our special dinner.  It seemed a wonderful idea, until we looked at getting the ingredients and realizing that we would need a bottle of brandy even though the recipe required much less. Then there was the time it would take.  A properly prepared plum pudding has the vine fruit soaked for up to twenty hours, then  mixed with the rest of the ingredients and steamed for hours.  Annie came to the rescue by finding a Christmas Pudding on line.

Realizing that others would face the same obstacles, we decided to start Mountain Mill Pudding LLC. to make it easy to celebrate special occasions with warm , steamed puddings topped with special brandy butter  or served with ice cream or custard.  We searched for the best puddings we could find. (even better than the one Annie found on line.)  As a result, we found a pudding maker that has won gold awards for quality and taste and who supplies puddings to well known , high end British stores- including Fortnum and Mason. This was simply the best British plum pudding we could find to offer to customers in the United States.

Of course since then, our product line has grown to include great steamed sponge puddings  for those special occasions in America.  Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, Easter, and those special romantic evenings  when a dessert  is shared.

And, yes, there is an old mill in the mountains just down the road.



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